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Manufacturing Analytics

Uncovering Improvement Opportunities – With the excellent work that Continuous Improvement teams are doing, it is becoming harder to uncover operational saving opportunities in a Water Treatment Plant or a Food factory. Did you know about the advances in the …

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Access the key information you need, anytime, anywhere, and from your own device.

SCADA System Virtualisation

Peak42 migrates a large Water SCADA system using VMWare ESXi and Rockwell Software Ageing large SCADA platform is becoming difficult to support. As part of a planned asset replacement, 7 legacy servers were substituted with 3 servers running virtual machines.

Advanced Control for Waste Water Treatment

Through our relationship with Perceptive Engineering Peak42 can deliver solutions that offer significant reductions in energy consumptions in Sewage Treatment Plants. Sewage Treatment Processes traditionally use single variable control loops that operate in isolation and are unable to adapt to …

Budget Development for Capital Programme

Bringing a wealth of experience and ICA expertise to establish a capital programme work scope and develop budgeted solutions and innovation opportunities. Implementation of automation technology and replacement of obsolete ICA (Instrumentation, Control and Automation) assets has become a major …


Our unique Consultancy Impact methodologies are proven to lower the cost and shorten the time it takes to deliver a control and automation project.


Our thorough approach guarantees a smooth integration of process control and automation technology with modern or legacy systems.


Achieve and maintain peak performance with our tailored innovative monitoring and software solutions.

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