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Manufacturing Analytics

“Self-Service modern manufacturing analytics solution.”


As a technology company we get bombarded with new industrial software products and have become somewhat cynical about innovation for the sake of innovation. Occasionally something resonates where we instantly recognise that our customers will get value.

Modern Manufacturing Analytic solutions fall into this category and allow our customers to uncover trends and saving opportunities buried in millions of data historian entries.

The need to produce this data is evident and most our customers are dedicating one or two individuals to manually process data and produce reports. A costly exercise, reliance on individuals, “multiple versions of the truth”.

Why is this of interest?

With the excellent work that Continuous Improvement teams are doing, it is becoming harder to uncover operational saving opportunities in a Water Treatment Plant or a Food factory.

Did you know about the advances in the area of Manufacturing Analytics and the benefits these could bring?

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“Despite major concerns over the continuing volatility, opportunities exist for businesses that are prepared to invest in developing and rebalancing their export portfolios while continuing to focus on operational efficiency and investing in their analytics capabilities.”