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Thames Water

Innovative Control for Waste Water Treatment – Advance batch sequence process automation.

Peak42 were involved in the early development of the innovative and sustainable Nereda Waste Water treatment process to provides a full-scale demonstration of emerging technology and deliver a solution as part of the UK Chemical Investigation Programme. The Nereda plant has been designed to achieve improved and more sustainable nutrient removal.

Peak42 worked in a combined capacity with Kellogg’s engineering team to deliver important manufacturing performance indicators on existing plant infrastructure.

The goal was carefully defined and engaged the key stakeholders at the appropriate points in the design process.


Traditional waste water treatment utilises low flow high footprint plants. The cost of land and infrastructure is ever increasing with the need to increase treatment capacity. Thames Water identified a potential solution using the Nerada process but needed to develop an automation strategy to meet both their standards and the high availability required to meet their client demands.


Peak42 developed a complete advanced control system to TW Standards including:

  • Hot standby process controller
  • Remote Telemetry Interface PLC
  • Nerada Batch Controller PC
  • Site instrumentation and actuator networking Intelligent MCC / drive networking
  • Batch process control to ANSI/ISA-88 standards



Excellent treatment quality to improve environmental impact.

Small physical footprint

Reduced capital costs and estimated 75% reduction in land requirements.

Cost Effective

Significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX (TOTEX) – advanced automation allowing reduced mechanical equipment.