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Manchester MES System – Leveraging existing IT assets to deliver plant data and KPIs.

Food and drink manufacturers need to maximise the utilisation of their assets through efficiency improvements and reduced losses. Further operational saving opportunities can be realised with appropriate plant data analysis and KPIs.

Peak42 worked in a combined capacity with Kellogg’s engineering team to deliver important manufacturing performance indicators on existing plant infrastructure.

The goal was carefully defined and engaged the key stakeholders at the appropriate points in the design process.


Manufacturing sites that have developed over a number of years rarely employ standardised control systems which presents a challenge when considering consolidating data from a number of platforms into a central function.


Peak42 surveyed the existing system and identified the network infrastructure and architecture required. Protocol conversion between specific incompatible manufacturers was implemented. Existing SAP platforms were leveraged and several dashboards were developed.

Significant Operational Benefits

Cost Savings

A commercially effective project through utilisation of existing control systems and Kellogg’s IT infrastructure. Delivered a focussed approach to minimising production losses and improving utilisation.

Simplified Management

Common data presentation, default views for different roles within the organisation

Improved Performance

Visibility in real time of production KPIs improved efficiency of lines and reduced complexity of operations.