Advanced Control for Waste Water Treatment

Through our relationship with Perceptive Engineering Peak42 can deliver solutions that offer significant reductions in energy consumptions in Sewage Treatment Plants.

Sewage Treatment Processes traditionally use single variable control loops that operate in isolation and are unable to adapt to changes in feed quality and rate until the effect has been detected.

Advanced Process Control systems such as WaterMV use model predictive multivariable algorithms to optimise the controller outputs based on a set of key plant variables and a complex understanding of the interaction of those variables.WaterMV can be added to practically any standard plant control system and has a proven record in reducing energy consumption while improving the process output quality.

WaterMV can be added to practically any standard plant control system

Business Situation

Large Sewage TreatmentPlants have a high power consumption and are limited in capacity by the performanceof the process under given flow and feed quality conditions. Water companies have an opportunity of reducing the power usage and increasing the plant capacity (deferring capital investment) by using advanced control techniques.


Peak42 and Perceptive Engineering are able to offer a complete advanced control service from initial audit (Perceptive Audit) to implementation and commissioning. Advanced control solutions can be added to existing control systems with minimal disruption to operating plant and often without the need for additional instrumentation.


  • Stability of the process leads to improved output quality
  • Reduced operating costs through significant reduction in energy consumption
  • Increased capacity in throughput both reduces plant loading and allows deferment in the need to expand plant to meet population increase

Our relationship with Perceptive Engineering has given us an excellent opportunity to combine our Systems Integration capability with their Advanced Process Control software and expertise to offer clients a complete integrated Advanced Control solution. Utilising these control solutions has given proven improvements in process performance and reduced energy consumption offering a leading means of Carbon Reduction.
Nigel Hall, Director – Peak42 Limited


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